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06/08/2009 12:00 AM :

DP Gangsta

WHAAADDDUP HOLMES?!?!?!?! It's so tight that you logged on to them interwebs to check out the newest column for the BAAC. Every month-ish, I am going to be telling you my top five to ten pimp shits of the week in order to help you learn how A's become G's. This is so hood it might even make Dunkstivus Crane log on to remind him of what he inspires all of us to be... On with the show:

1) Miller High Life. Oft forgotten but so beautiful when rediscovered, the champagne of beers is that ill shit. And those commercials with that black guy doing his best "Delivery Costanza" is real talk. Livin' the High Life. That's my man!

2) African Bambaataa. A Legend. When I retire, I totally plan on moving to Planet Rock, because it's a place where the nights are hot and nature's children dance and set a chance. I've been doing that bounce and pounce since Jumpstreet, so it should come as no surprise that Bambaataa makes the list every time.

3) Check out the fish this kid caught...


Such an impressive fish... No wonder all those hoes are totally kickin' it around that huge salmon piece that kid's got. You'll get it. Give it time.

4) Tomas Ujfalusi. Weird name, right? Howevere, this dude has such stones to pose in this totally homer erotic photo op with his wife piece. Check out the evidence:


Look at her thong piece though. That's real nice. Prolly, yeah totally prolly, why he did the shoot. That thong piece.

5) Zaquisha. Nigga, stop stealing my steez. I know I'm fire, but this is just trying too hard. Enjoy your little Vanessa Huginkiss joint with her huge bush piece at the Lakers game and let me do my thing in the Midwest. I'll see you next month, playa.