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04/10/2011 1:23 PM : BAAC Headquarters

Boston Avenue Athletic Club Headquarters- An article last year de-nemesized DTU due to a lack of competition. Sunday was more of the same. The A’s took the lead from a corner in the 11th minute as Jason Ganus nodded home his first of the season. Ganus later double the lead and his goal tally with a sublime effort from 22 yards out. Brian McCurdy pioneered a new position. He calls it Left defender. A left defender apparently plays just in front of the two forwards never crosses back onto his own half of the field. The player also has very little if nothing to do with being on the left side of the field. McCurdy is an absolute master of this position. Sonny Dalesandro was relieved to see his atrocious miss in the first match of the season topped when Tommy Kern missed from literally 2 feet away. Patty Ryan grabbed himself a much deserved goal, which means the apocalypse may be closer than experts had initially predicted. The Athletic’s romped, sadly against a team that they used to harbor so much hatred for. I love you.

Starting Lineup

Ben. Fell

J. Knipfer

R. Harrison

B. Aycock

T. Kern

A. Kern

P. Ryan

P. Johnson

B. McCurdy

J. Ganus

S. Dalesandro

Game Subs
G. McKenna

Man of the Match
Ben Fell (2)

BAAC Goals
J. Ganus(1) at 11 Minutes (S. Dalesandro)
J. Ganus(2) at 21 Minutes
S. Dalesandro(3) at 31 Minutes (B. Fell)
S. Dalesandro(4) at 40 Minutes (G. McKenna)
S. Dalesandro(5) at 69 Minutes (B. McCurdy)
P. Ryan(1) at 77 Minutes (S. Dalesandro)

BAAC Goalie Stats
Goalie Minutes Played Saves Goals Allowed W-L-T
B. Fell 90 7 0 WIN

BAAC Cards
Yellows Reds
None None

Other Results
Home Score Away Score