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06/08/2009 12:00 AM :


"Oh, my! There you are, my lovely. I've just been leisurely waiting for you over this, my bottle of champagne, the second. As you can see, I've been here in the Canaries for what seems like an eternity already. I've soaked up so many rays that I have broken three pairs of designer sunglasses and used up four bottles of baby oil to achieve my award winning glow. As you can see I am wearing a blazer with jeans... You know what that means."

"I must tell you, my darling, that my love-making is like an anonymous postcard. You are intrigued by its country of origin. You are impressed with how it has travailed the globe. And then you squeal with delight upon realization that something so generously given to you could have been given to anyone.

I am a sensual delicacy. I am the foie gras of the bedroom. I am the escargot of the horizontal mambo. This, my sweet, is the sherbert before sleepy time. As you can simultaneously see and hear, I am ready to introduce you to passion and connection. Let us retire to the villa... And, please pay the check, my love..."