Yellows Absolutely Crush Green Squad   Subscribe via RSS

07/30/2008 12:00 AM :

B.A.A.C. Headquarters- There are several things that the Green squad could say about Tuesday night's match that could theoretically make them feel better about themselves.

"The Yellows play this terribly unattractive, defense first, counter-attack style that is not conducive to anything that resembles entertaining footy." said visibly weeping A's forward Sonny Dalesandro.

However, if you listen very closely, you can still very clearly hear the tears of the humbled Green squad above any form of justification that they are able to muster.

In a legendary game legendary characters rise to the top. So who better is there to open the scoring than A's legend Jordan McKenzie. McKenzie pounced on the Green's 15 minutes in, and though the teams entered halftime at 1-0 the psychological damage had been done.

Los Amarillo's came out hungrier in the second than in the first and proceeded to bury their opposition with calculated and precise counter attacks that extended the lead time and time again. Greg McKenna scored in the 35th minute and again in the 41st. Yellow A Jason Ganus brought the scorline to 4-0 before Brian McCurdy scored a goal that only mattered in the sense that it denied the Yellow squad the ultimate chance to humiliate the Greens, by shutting them out. Ben Fell rubbed salt into Green wounds when with 6 minutes he slotted home the fifth goal of the match.

Final score: Yellows-5 Greens-1

The playoffs begin next Tuesday when the Yellows get a chance to avenge their only defeat of the season as the take on Inter United whose 3-1 result serves as the only blemish on their otherwise perfect record.

The Greens face a stubborn Legend side who they drew 4-4 in the season opener in the other semi-final.

Let us all hope and pray that these two teams don't meet again in the final or December 21st 2012 might get bumped forward four and a half years (Nostradamus and the Mayans know what that means).