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09/21/2009 12:00 AM :
Arsenal VS Boston Avenue Athletic Club

Boston Avenue Athletic Club Headquarters- When I received the newswire whilst on holiday revealing that the A's had bested league rival Arsenal, my article virually wrote itself. "4-2" it read, "McKenzie, McCann, and McKenna(2)" the goalscorers, "Coleman and Henson 45 minutes each in goal" was just a fill in the blanks sort of deal. Here's how I saw it (and how it probably did) go down....

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09/03/2009 12:00 AM :
Boston Avenue Athletic Club VS Sporting Tulsa

Boston Avenue Athletic Club Headquarters- Let's talk call up's. What does it take to get called up from the B.A.A.C. Reserves to the B.A.A.C. first team? For Greg McKenna his recall was earned when after a 6 month (study a broad) program in Spain he returned with an unquenchable thirst for digustingly cheap beer and slightly cheaper whiskey five to seven nights a week. Called up. Pat "I play in 16 bands" Ryan's last 11 months have consisted of the world's longest music tour wherein only 5 states were involved, but Patty took this opportunity to drink PBR's 'til 5 in the morning on a tour bus every night, all the while surviving solely on ramen, birdseed, and sand for´┐Żsustenance. End result...Called up!

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