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10/13/2010 8:29 PM : BAAC Headquarters

Boston Avenue Athletic Club Headquarters- "Derby's" are supposed to be hotly contested soccer matches between two clubs from the same or nearby towns, or on a local scale, from the same part of town. Veterans park sits between Boulder and Boston Avenue (henceforth: Derby), however, the matches between the two clubs have been far from "Hotly contested" affairs.  The numbers don't lie. The B.A.A.C. have been Boulder FC's whipping post for 4 year years. In this four year span Boulder FC have a scoring lead of 31-6 while posting a 6-0-0 record, hardly a a close rivalry.

"They're our rivals, and it's our derby game" quipped Andy Kern

"They've had the better of us by a wide margin, but we've never rolled over and handed them a match. They've earned every lopsided victory, and we've gone out and tried to get a result every time as well. That's how our boys approach all matches. Especially this one."

Boulder's dominance has not been solely over the B.A.A.C.. In 2008 they hoisted the state cup.

"When the B.A.A.C. reserves were created, we got a chance to live a bit vicariously through our clubmates (The Reserves boast 5 wins and 2 draws in their 7 encounters with Boulder FC)." remarked Sonny Dalesandro

"It's not the same though. While it was fun to watch our rivals get dominated by a squad within our club, we've tried so hard to taste any form of success versus Boulder and have personally been unsuccessful."

Sunday, that little taste of success came.

Boulder opened the scoring in the 11th minute but A's standout utility man Kevin Drouillard equalized 10 minutes later with well placed strike from 25 yards out. In the 35th minute the B.A.A.C. took it's first ever lead in the derby when Brian McCurdy thumped a volley home from 12 yards out.

Halftime 2-1...not Boulder FC.

Boulder are an experienced group, and their experience was was never more evident than in the way they opened the half. Fuzz kept BFC at bay with a few saves, but eight minutes into the second half Boulder drew level. The rest of the half resembled what "Derby's" usually looked like; competitive. Ben Fell saw yellow for a tackle Brian McCurdy was involved in 7 minutes prior. The A's defense and Fuzz continued to do just enough to keep the opposition out, while on the other end  of the pitch the Athletic's produced several chances of their own. With 10 minutes left Boulder finally broke the deadlock when they took a 3-2 lead. The B.A.A.C.'s response was swift and just. Three minutes after the go-ahead goal Andy Kern kept a ball in the box alive long enough for Dalesandro to stroke home his 6th of the season. 3-3. Things became interesting for the A's when 2008 player of the year "The Fuzz" had to leave the match after sustaining a shoulder injury. Ben Fell took the gloves and made two important saves and intercepted a couple of crucial crosses.  Final Whistle. 3-3. Points shared, just like in a real Derby.

The in form A's square off with Athletico Owasso's arch rivals Real Owasso Sunday at Ziegler park at 1:00. Don't come. Just kidding...do.

Starting Lineup

Kev. Coleman

J. Knipfer

B. Aycock

G. McKenna

D. Pennington

J. Christian

B. Fell

B. McCurdy

A. Kern

K. Drouillard

J. Ganus

Game Subs
S. Dalesandro
P. Johnson

Man of the Match
Kevin Drouillard (1)

BAAC Goals
K. Drouillard(3) at 21 Minutes (B. McCurdy)
B. McCurdy(3) at 35 Minutes (K. Drouillard)
S. Dalesandro(6) at 82 Minutes (A. Kern)

BAAC Goalie Stats
Goalie Minutes Played Saves Goals Allowed W-L-T
K. Coleman 83 8 3 TIE
B. Fell 7 2 0 None

BAAC Cards
Yellows Reds
B. Fell
B. McCurdy

Other Results
Home Score Away Score