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05/23/2008 12:00 AM :


Dallas, TX - As the Athletics sent out chief scouts and first team regulars Kyle Cermak and David Pennington to Dalllas, TX to monitor the status of on-loan superstar David Beckham, they discovered something that would fascinate the club beyond the realms of the human imagination....

His name is Peter Vegenas. Wikipedia informs us that this relatively unknown fotballer is in his tenth season with the Galaxy. Anyone who can deal with Galaxy GM Alexi Lalas for that amount of time is a patient man. But, what Cermak and Pennington found so utterly awe-inspiring is that Peter's last name so nearly resembles the most precious part of a female's anatomy.

Immediately the BAAC took notice and wanted to explore signing Vagenas to be a huge part of the club. Pennington states, "I am a huge fan of Vagenas. From the first time I saw Vagenas I knew that I wanted Vagenas to be a part of my life and our club for a long time. Vagenas delicate touch on the ball is enough to get any man excited. And when Vagenas is on form, for my money, there is nothing better than a good Vagenas."

Cermak's response was, "Being a married footballer, I am committed to one and only one Vagenas. But I feel like myself and the club has chosen the right Vagenas to be committed to." The club's hopes that a deal for Vagenas can be struck at the weekend... and, wink!