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11/22/2009 11:07 AM : BAAC Headquarters


ELITE FC VS Boston Avenue Athletic Club

Boston Avenue Athletic Club Headquarters- The B.A.A.C. downed table toppers Elite 1-0 Sunday at Veterans Park. Elite is a faction of B.A.A.C. nemesis DTU, which made putting a dent in their title hopes twice as sweet.
Aside from the A's staunch defense, the game was terribly boring (other than a near marine attack). Ryan Harrison and Greg McKenna were outstanding in the back and Goalkeepers Eamon Henson and Fuzz made big saves every time they were called into action.
The goal was scored when the Elite goalkeeper's clearance was blocked into the net. Typical for the match.
Other than a marine having some sort of war flashback during the match, really nothing else happened.
The A's take on league asshole's Soco's next Sunday at the Vet.

Starting Lineup

Eam. Henson

J. Knipfer

R. Harrison

G. McKenna

D. Pennington

A. Kern

P. Ryan

M. McFeely

J. McKenzie

T. Foust

S. Dalesandro

Game Subs
J. Christian
K. Coleman

Man of the Match
Ryan Harrison (1)

BAAC Goals
T. Foust(1) at 40 Minutes

BAAC Goalie Stats
Goalie Minutes Played Saves Goals Allowed W-L-T
E. Henson 45 4 0 WIN
K. Coleman 45 3 0 None

BAAC Cards
Yellows Reds
None None