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03/27/2008 12:00 AM :

It is with great pleasure that the club unveils our latest installment of what is fast becoming the hottest feature on this website. BAAC teammates allows the lads to talk about their comrades in arms on the pitch and the different attributes that make them infamous off of it. In an effort expand our coverage of the Teammates segment, we have now added some additional questions to the mix which should result in even more hilarity and the inevitable hurt feelings.

Winger Kyle Cermak decides to share his feelings this week about who he would fight a bear with and who should never enter a church. Read on... This is BAAC Teammates!!!

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03/18/2008 12:00 AM :

Due to the enormous popularity of last week's new segment on the website, we continue with "BAAC Teammates" latest installment. This week Athletics' left back and perenial ladies man David Pennington weighs in with his views on why butt hops make a BAAC legend and how one player's talent would cause opera singers to die...

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03/10/2008 12:00 AM :

A new feature emerges this week on the club's website, entitled "BAAC Teammates." Due to the enormous success of a similar feature on British television show "Soccer AM," the club has obviously stolen this idea and manipulated it enough to make it our very own. This feature highlights a new player every week or so discussing his thoughts on who's who in the club at the moment. This week is a very special treat because currently sidelined striker Sonny Dalesandro shares his thoughts on his "BAAC Teammates!"

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