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11/11/2008 12:00 AM :

Boston Avenue Athletic Club Headquarters- Dallas United are not from Dallas. They're actually called what they're called because of a friend of theirs by that name who sadly passed away. They also made it clear that they remember their friend by going out and physically kicking around old men on Sunday afternoons.

The B.A.A.C. was in desperate need of all three points if they were to remain on course to hoist the club's first ever league title. Fill-in left back Danny Kern expertly slotted in A's forward Dalesandro in the 12th minute for the games opening goal. Ten minutes later the lead was doubled when left winger Jordan McKenzie's pinpoint pass was neatly finished (McKenzie's second assist in two games for those of you worldwide who follow the dynamic ginger lefty). Andy Kern extended the lead 10 minutes before the break when his no angle chance was beautifully finished.

Halftime: 3-0

History was made after the match. The B.A.A.C. filled out their first ever referee complaint form (sorta surprising...I know). During the first half the linesman invited fan favorite McKenzie to join him in some un-friendly fisticuffs and though the two never met for a round of skullduggerous fisticuffs the grudge was admittedly carried over when the Assistant Referee allowed an offsides goal to stand. At 3-1 the A's refocused and skipper Ben Fell registered his third tally of the campaign when his well struck effort overpowered the Dallas United keeper. At 4-1 both teams seemed content to simply kick the piss out of each other, and so they did...for 25 minutes.

Final Score 4-1

Well folks, the table has been set. Sunday's match is the season finale and a victory does in fact secure the club's first ever league championship. So if you were to set up a dream scenario wouldn't sound something like this? Sunday 3:00 p.m., beautiful Veterans Park, and who shall we play?You got it.....


Whether you live in another country or secretly read this website at work everyday, book your flight, clear all your days activities, buy a B.A.A.C. shirt online, and get your ass down to the Vet Sunday to see history. Also it's team picture day.