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10/04/2010 5:48 PM : BAAC Headquarters

"I didn't know before, but I know now what hell is." - Josh Knipfer, 11/15/09 after a 5-1 loss to rivals Alliance.

Alliance and the B.A.A.C. have been rivals for five and a half, brutal hard fought years. The teams have played 7 times in this period with one draw and each team winning three times a piece.
"The games are usually really close" quipped A's forward Jason Ganus whose debut against Alliance on 10/3/06 was marked with a goal.
"We hammered them 5-0 once and they beat us up pretty bad last fall, but the matches are usually close and very heated affairs. I was expecting a battle tonight"
The battle never happened. From the opening whistle the A's did absolutely nothing but create chances and dominate. Jason Ganus was first to breakthrough when he neatly tucked away a Drouillard pass. Ben Fell opened his scoring account next with a well struck effort. Drouillard claimed his second of the season, and before you knew it, it was 3-0.
Halftime 3-0
Before the stat roll continues it's worth mentioning that every A's player had a tremendous game. Justin Christian worked tirelessly and kept possession beautifully. Paul Johnson completely torched the opposition's right side of the pitch, and though he didn't manage to find a place on the stat sheet, his runs proved to be the catalyst for several A's goals. The defense (who were missing mainstays Ryan Harrison and Greg McKenna) were as stingy as ever. What did get through was promptly cleaned up by the Fuzz.
Ganus found the net again through McCurdy, and McCurdy got his goal six minutes later when Kevin Drouillard found him. A ball from Jason Ganus caremed of a defender's back and was stroked home by reigning player of the year Andy Kern. Alliance weren't completely unfortunate, an outside blast took a wicked deflection off of Josh Knipfer and left Fuzz completely helpless (that was the extent of the fortunate things to happen for Alliance). Jason Ganus got his hat-trick ten minutes before time, once again through McCurdy.
"The nice thing about footy is that every once in a while you can make a team go through the same hell they made you go through not long ago. Tonight, we did that." smiled Knipfer
"The Derby" is Sunday at 1:00 as the B.A.A.C. face off against Boulder FC, The A's have never so much as earned a draw from this fixture and are hoping their current form continues through Sunday. The match ironically enough will be played at Ziegler park, not Veterans Park which is located between.....Boulder and Boston Avenue. 
Starting Lineup

Kev. Coleman

J. Knipfer

B. Aycock

B. Macha

D. Pennington

J. Christian

B. Fell

B. McCurdy

P. Johnson

K. Drouillard

J. Ganus

Game Subs
A. Kern

Man of the Match
Paul Johnson (1)

BAAC Goals
J. Ganus(3) at 23 Minutes (K. Drouillard)
B. Fell(2) at 29 Minutes (B. McCurdy)
K. Drouillard(2) at 41 Minutes (B. McCurdy)
J. Ganus(4) at 57 Minutes (B. McCurdy)
B. McCurdy(2) at 66 Minutes (K. Drouillard)
A. Kern(1) at 71 Minutes
J. Ganus(5) at 80 Minutes (B. McCurdy)

BAAC Goalie Stats
Goalie Minutes Played Saves Goals Allowed W-L-T
K. Coleman 90 3 1 WIN

BAAC Cards
Yellows Reds
None None

Other Results
Home Score Away Score