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05/07/2010 6:59 AM : BAAC Headquarters
Boston Avenue Athletic Club Headquarters- The B.A.A.C. were on the the wrong end of a 4-0 trouncing Sunday as league rivals Elite came away with three points and 24 beers. 
"They created more chances today and ultimately came away with the spoils"  said Jordan McKenzie on the match
The first half was a fairly even affair. Elite took the lead on a "miss-hit". "Miss-hit" may seem harsh, but when the goalscorer completed approximately 4 out of his 46 first half passes, the idea that his sublime chip was intentional is clearly subject to question. Regardless a goal is goal. Andy Kern did his best Sonny Dalesandro impression by missing an open net from two yards away, thus keeping the scoreline at 1-0 heading into the half.
The wheels came off for the A's in the second half. First, the goal that doubled the lead for Elite, also clinched a bet that sent a case of beer the way of Elite player Evan Hattan.
"This bet was particularly painful for the club" said A's center back Greg McKenna
"We came up victorious last time with this bet and it's a well-known fact that our club takes immense pride in the accumulation (and immediate disposal) of beers."
"That being said losing beers is never and will never in the interest of this club."
Elite made it 3-0 on a goal that appeared to be offsides. As stated earlier 'a goal's a goal'.
Then came the controversy. In the 89th minute, up 3-0, Elite were awarded a penalty. Who took the penalty? 1 guess.... Did you guess their goalkeeper? You did? Good job! He scored.
Now some of you may be asking...'Whats wrong with that?'
Here's the B.A.A.C.'s official stance on said penalty: Elite showed "piss poor" judgment by allowing their goalkeeper to take the penalty. They contend that he is their regular penalty taker...which we have no issue with. However, the lack of importance of the penalty and their lack of recognition of the lack of importance penalty is certainly grounds to to take exception. Getting scored on by a goalkeeper is a fairly humbling experience, and for you "dickheads" to allow it to take place up 3-0, with essentially no time left, shows a lack experience and most of all respect.
In other/happier/evil news the Athletic's mercilessly kicked Elite's albino left back throughout the match, and if points were awarded by accumulating yellow cards for kicking albino left defenders, Sunday's final score would have been a more pleasant (for us...a team void of left back albino's) 5-4.
The A's take on title contenders St. Thomas ADA next Sunday in Jenks at 3:00 pm. No one knows what their team name stands for, only that it's stupid.
Starting Lineup

Eam. Henson

J. Knipfer

R. Harrison

G. McKenna

B. Aycock

J. Christian

A. Kern

M. McFeely

J. McKenzie

P. Johnson

S. Dalesandro

Game Subs
K. Coleman
J. Ganus
T. Kern

Man of the Match
Paul Johnson (2)

BAAC Goals

BAAC Goalie Stats
Goalie Minutes Played Saves Goals Allowed W-L-T
E. Henson 45 2 1 LOSS
K. Coleman 45 2 3 None

BAAC Cards
Yellows Reds
S. Dalesandro
J. Ganus
M. McFeely
R. Harrison
T. Kern