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03/10/2008 12:00 AM :

A new feature emerges this week on the club's website, entitled "BAAC Teammates." Due to the enormous success of a similar feature on British television show "Soccer AM," the club has obviously stolen this idea and manipulated it enough to make it our very own. This feature highlights a new player every week or so discussing his thoughts on who's who in the club at the moment. This week is a very special treat because currently sidelined striker Sonny Dalesandro shares his thoughts on his "BAAC Teammates!"

Best Trainer and Why?

Eamon Henson or Fuzz. It's all about the goalkeepers union. man.

Worst Trainer and Why?

All of the field players. Again, it's all about the goalkeepers union.

Quickest Player?

Jason "Smellsligh/Greg Lou" Ganus

Biggest Joker?

Ben Fell or myself... "Nice save, Danny!"

Biggest Moaner?


Who is the hard man on the squad?

Dustin "Precipice Dungston" Crane or Dr. Tommy Kern. Josh Knipfer is in with a shout except for the fact that he just fouls people... there is a difference.

Most Intelligent Member of the Squad?

Soccer I.Q. is Dungkston. Regular I.Q. is without question Dr. Tommy Kern, aka idiot savant

Least Intelligent?

Clearly Kyle Cermak for not realizing the repercussions of adding this feature to the website.

Worst Dress Sense and Why?

I'd have to go with myself. A fedora with sweat pants and soccer shoes isn't really ever going to catch on, is it? (No matter how Italian you are)

Best Dancer?

Ben Fell from the first team hands down. Justin Moreland is probably the club's most famous (or infamous) dancer though.

Best Singer?

"Best" is a really bad category. Kyle is probably the best. But, he is only one of a few who are constantly making up and singing the most ridiculous shit known to man.

Most likely to pull the ladies?

D.P. hands down... ass up... that's the way... we like to...