3 Goalkeepers Earn 1 Shutout   Subscribe via RSS

03/07/2009 12:00 AM :

Boston Avenue Athletic Club Headquarters- Do to a lack of goalkeepers the A's used an arsenal of defenders and midfielders to fill in for the reigning player of the year Kevin "Fuzz" Coleman (who was in Ireland at a Gaelic music festival). Field players turned goalkeeper's Andy Kern, Ben Fell, and David Pennington all did their part in holding the opposition scoreless.

The only thing impressive about the forward line was their combined age, 91 years old (Dad Kern 60 & Sonny Dalesandro 31). Neither team really had any clear chances during the match and had the teams played for another 5 hours, a goal still would have seemed unlikely.

The A's would like to send an apology to their season high 11 fans for their lackluster start to the spring campaign.

The Athletic's face off with Empire F.C. Sunday at Vetran's Park. As Kyle Cermak would say: Beware of stray dogs and lesbians.