Did the A's Beat Slum Dog Millionaires Sunday? Final Answer........NO   Subscribe via RSS

04/30/2009 12:00 AM :

Boston Avenue Athletic Club Headquarters- The B.A.A.C. remain firmly on course for their end of season relegation celebration after falling 4-1 at the hands of local side Slum Dog Millionaires.

Several patterns that have emerged this season continued on. Such as....28 year old Jason Ganus missing the match due to homework/spring break, Jordan McKenzie pushing an opponent for simply being younger than him, and injured skipper Ben Fell yelling at his teammates to 'shoot' from the sidelines regardless of where they are on the field.

Even at 4-1 Matt Morgan was tremendous in the midfield and also set a personal record by showing up for his 5th match of the season (besting his previous mark of 4). Eamon Henson let in two clangers, but in saying that, also pulled off two world class saves. And Andy Kern managed to find out where the right place at the right time was, get there, and slot home his second goal in 3 matches.

So not all bad for the A's as they continue there journey towards relegation, Hell with these signs of improvement they might win promotion after suffering relegation and I can wrtite this same article again.