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03/12/2012 11:03 AM : BAAC HQ

Boston Avenue Athletic Club Headquarters- The B.A.A.C. is coming off of its worst season as a club. So when the league decided to have two divisions instead of the usual one lopsided division, the club welcomed the change with open arms.

Empire. Empire is the new name for Barons. Empire also used to have a different and separate team that was an old B.A.A.C. rival (they actually won the 2008 B.A.A.C. Invitational (bastards)). This is not that team. However the newest version of Empire has been a solid rival for the last couple of seasons as well. Now that that's been made more confusing....

The A's haven't won a season opener since the triumph over the artists futurely known as Empire in the Fall of  '10. That combined with the fact that the A's sucked last season, meant it was imperative to get off to a good start this campaign. The Athletic's were far and away the more potent side in the opening fifteen minutes. So much so that 1/11 of the Empire squad had seizures in that period of time. After a few saves and close chances the A's took the lead on 34 minutes.

"8 yards." Dalesandro replied when asked how far offside he was.

"All 22 players had stopped playing, myself included, but when I looked up and saw that the linesman had his flag down, I passed the ball into the empty net."


The Athletic's continued to dominate on both ends of the field but were unable to convert any chances prior to the break.


The second half saw an Empire crumble (sorry). After a penalty was converted to double the lead Brian McCurdy played his patented fouled/fall-into-the-ball pass directly to Dalesandro's feet, an uncharacteristically calm finish made the score 3-0. With the A's firmly in control the fun really began. Matthew Moreland made it 4-0 with a thunderous-ish volley off of a perfect Patty Ryan cross (an early candidate for "goal of the year"). Empire spoiled the clean sheet when they converted a penalty of their own. The A's continued to pressure though and Jason Ganus opened his goal scoring account with a cheeky little finish. At 5-1 arguably the highlight of the match occurred when Greg McKenna yelled "SHOT!" and proceeded to attempt a volley from 50 yards away. The shot itself was about what you'd expect, the idea however was class. Also, Ryan Harrison chased a guy down for 60 yards for absolutely no apparent reason.

Final 5-1.

Because the other two league matches ended level, the A's actually sit atop the table after one game. "Two teams, one cup" will be played Sunday as the A's take on their anti-rival the Soundpony Rain-bros. A's legend and Soundpony owner "Champagne" Mike Wozniak will be doing the ceremonial coin flip. All in attendance and/or playing will receive all the keg beer they can drink.

Starting Lineup

Mat. Moreland

J. Aycock

R. Harrison

G. McKenna

B. Aycock

. Bransetter

P. Ryan

B. McCurdy

T. Foust

J. Ganus

S. Dalesandro

Game Subs
K. Coleman
B. Fell
P. Johnson
A. Kern
B. Macha
J. McKenzie
D. Pennington

Man of the Match
Brian McCurdy (1)

BAAC Goals
S. Dalesandro(1) at 34 Minutes (B. McCurdy)
S. Dalesandro(2) at 55 Minutes
S. Dalesandro(3) at 65 Minutes (B. McCurdy)
M. Moreland(1) at 73 Minutes (P. Ryan)
J. Ganus(1) at 82 Minutes (B. Macha)

BAAC Goalie Stats
Goalie Minutes Played Saves Goals Allowed W-L-T
M. Moreland 45 2 0 None
K. Coleman 45 2 1 WIN

BAAC Cards
Yellows Reds
None None

Other Results
Home Score Away Score