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06/10/2009 12:00 AM :

Pretty Raj

My fucking name is Jason Rogers. That's me on the left. You are a wanker and this is the list of fucking things I hate this week!!!!

1) Statuatory Rape Laws. Do you laws have any fucking idea how many totally dope times you have cost me? FUCK OFFFFFF!!!

2) Kaka. Your name sounds like a bowel movement and if you are worth $92,000,000 then I am worth a gazillion, tillion dollars. Almost priceless in fact. I hate you poopy name.

3) Blue and green wigs. Do you cunts even realize how bad you suck compared to red wigs?

4) Lids. Yeah, the hat store in the mall. Why don't you faggots just give me them shits for free? Check my myspace, my facebook and my twitter accounts. You'll find pictures of me with any number of hats turned at a variety of angles. And where do you think I get those hats? So, a fucking free hat once in a while wouldn't kill you.

5) Andrei Arshavin. Those stupid fucking ruskie faces you make after completing the simplest pass make me want to kill the entire population of the planet Uranus. I have taken Kaka's bigger than you. I am going to sneak into your house one night and give you a tillion Botox injections so that tiny face of yours never moves again.

This was Jason Rogers, you fucking wanker... And I'll be angry again very soon!