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04/10/2011 1:22 PM : BAAC Headquarters

Boston Avenue Athletic Club Headquarters- Elite FC are a pretty solid team. They’ve finished second to the B.A.A.C. Reserves several times, and usually give the first team a decent ass whooping. The problem is that one of their players wears sunglasses…even during night games. Every player in the entire Boston Avenue Athletic Club (girls and over 40’s included) would rather have blood drenched eyes than ever even consider playing with “prescription” sunglasses on. It’s this sort of ridiculous behavior that continually keeps the fire alive in the hearts of all B.A.A.C. members. This was more than apparent when the A’s took a surprise lead through the head of Greg McKenna after 15 minutes. Elite answered back before Brian McCurdy smashed home his second of the year to restore the one goal lead. Elite drew even once again before the Athletic’s scored one of their finest goals of the season. Kevin Drouillard started the move by finding the feet of ever-reliable Patty Ryan, Ryan in turn played a ball for McCurdy whose first time pass put Dalesandro in, Dalesandro probably should have shot but instead opted to play a square pass to Paul Johnson who graciously found the roof of the net.

Halftime: 3-2

The one goal lead last about 45 seconds. Elite never allowed the B.A.A.C. a touch before it was 3-3. The second half was a back and forth affair until, with 20 minutes left, Elite broke the deadlock and seemingly wrapped up the 3 points. Those sunglasses just kept the fire in the A’s stomachs alive, and with 5 minutes left Brian McCurdy tied the match for a final time and cemented his status as “Man of the match”. It just comes to show, when playing against the A’s, don’t be a dickhead (See definition).

dickhead[dik hed] n : 1 Any man who wears sunglasses when playing soccer 2 Any member of Rozy FC

Starting Lineup

Kev. Coleman

J. Knipfer

R. Harrison

B. Aycock

B. Macha

P. Ryan

T. Kern

K. Drouillard

P. Johnson

J. Ganus

S. Dalesandro

Game Subs
A. Kern
B. McCurdy
G. McKenna
J. McKenzie

Man of the Match
Brian McCurdy (1)

BAAC Goals
G. McKenna(2) at 9 Minutes (P. Ryan)
B. McCurdy(2) at 25 Minutes (S. Dalesandro)
P. Johnson(2) at 39 Minutes (S. Dalesandro)
B. McCurdy(3) at 85 Minutes

BAAC Goalie Stats
Goalie Minutes Played Saves Goals Allowed W-L-T
K. Coleman 90 4 4 TIE

BAAC Cards
Yellows Reds
P. Johnson

Other Results
Home Score Away Score