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12/28/2009 6:57 PM : BAAC Headquarters


Alliance VS Boston Avenue Athletic Club

Boston Avenue Athletic Club Headquarters- Alliance and the B.A.A.C. have been rivals for nearly five years. During the span of this rivalry there have several red cards, two fights, a bunch of close matches, and one memorable 5-0 blowout. The 5-0 nothing victory came when Alliance only had 9 men show up for the match, and a then merciless Athletic's team pulled no punches. So when Sunday's match kicked off and the A's only had eight men, the air had the putrid stench of revenge in it.

   The B.A.A.C. started in a traditional attacking 2-4-1 formation while people frantically called truant players. Matt McFeely confirmed he could be there at halftime, but by the time that was confirmed Alliance had already pounced on the undermanned A's. The ref awarded the B.A.A.C. a penalty a few minutes later and something odd but not entirely surprising happened.
   "They've always been real pieces of crap, but they totally cemented their status as classless twats" said A's Keeper Eamon Henson
   Before A's skipper Sonny Dalesandro took his penalty, a younger (we'll call him hispanic) player walked into the box, up to the ball, took his gum out and threw it onto the ball. Of course Dalesandro took exception to this action and pushed the player aside. Once this happened, all of their (hispanic) players (which was all of their players) rushed into the box and WWWIII nearly erupted. Once the two sides had been separated Dalesandro chose power over placement and drove a poorly placed penalty past/through the opposition's (hispanic) goalkeeper. The large task of playing three men down continued to take its toll on the Athletic's and eventually...after several big Henson saves...Alliance broke through...twice.

Halftime 3-1

   Matt McFeely showed up at halftime and his presence restored a bit of hope, but physically, the damage had been done. The Athletic's fought valiantly but were ultimately flat for the whole second half and were not only forced to watch Alliance play some of the most god awful soccer, but also forced to watch it succeed.
   "I didn't before, but I know now what hell is" quipped Josh Knipfer.
    Alliance went on to score twice more and the match ended 5-1.
   "Hell is having to play that game for eternity, watching them be assholes, and us being short players and having to be around them (hispanics) as they falsely think the way they're playing is really super great (muy guapo)".

   The B.A.A.C. finishes it's campaign with arch rivals DTU Wednesday night. A win would see the club finish the season in second place...behind the B.A.A.C. reserves. A 1-2 sweep so to speak.

Starting Lineup

Eam. Henson

O. Goal

G. McKenna

R. Harrison

O. Goal

J. Knipfer

S. Dalesandro

A. Kern

K. Coleman

T. Foust

O. Goal

Game Subs

Man of the Match
Josh Knipfer (1)

BAAC Goals
S. Dalesandro(10) at 21 Minutes

BAAC Goalie Stats
Goalie Minutes Played Saves Goals Allowed W-L-T
E. Henson 90 9 5 LOSS

BAAC Cards
Yellows Reds
None None