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06/26/2009 12:00 AM :

DP Dance

WAAADDDUUUP HOLMES!!! It is sooo fade tight how you keep logging on the interwebs to pimp this realness. Yoooo, this week's list is even better than the last. My game just keeps getting tighter. Consequently, so will yours if you get into this shizz as instructed. And, away we go...

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Jason Rogers is St. Anger!!!!!!!!!!!!   Subscribe via RSS

06/10/2009 12:00 AM :

Pretty Raj

My fucking name is Jason Rogers. That's me on the left. You are a wanker and this is the list of fucking things I hate this week!!!!

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Capt. Benjamin Fell is "The Anonymous Postcard..."   Subscribe via RSS

06/08/2009 12:00 AM :


"Oh, my! There you are, my lovely. I've just been leisurely waiting for you over this, my bottle of champagne, the second. As you can see, I've been here in the Canaries for what seems like an eternity already. I've soaked up so many rays that I have broken three pairs of designer sunglasses and used up four bottles of baby oil to achieve my award winning glow. As you can see I am wearing a blazer with jeans... You know what that means."

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David Pennington presents "How A's Become G's!"   Subscribe via RSS

06/08/2009 12:00 AM :

DP Gangsta

WHAAADDDUP HOLMES?!?!?!?! It's so tight that you logged on to them interwebs to check out the newest column for the BAAC. Every month-ish, I am going to be telling you my top five to ten pimp shits of the week in order to help you learn how A's become G's. This is so hood it might even make Dunkstivus Crane log on to remind him of what he inspires all of us to be... On with the show:

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