Henson Breaks Bone: Doctors Uninterested   Subscribe via RSS

04/18/2008 12:00 AM :

At a recent B.A.A.C. soccer match, goalie Eamon Henson incurred a spiral fracture to his tibia. When interviewed, Dr. MacElroy, a specialist in tibial fractures, stated that the injury was " not complicated enough to be on �House�".

The injury occurred during a play in which Henson was actually auditioning for Cirque Du Soleil. Eamon commented that although the injury may have been non-soccer-related, it would have been an impressive move were there special effects involved.

The general feeling around the B.A.A.C. is somber, and the players have taken to going about their normal business of drinking and working day jobs. During Henson�s recovery, teammate Jordan McKenzie will be playing left mid-field and guarding the goal with his mind. Team administrators wish Henson a speedy recovery, and urge anybody willing to play goalie for a six-pack of Pabst to contact the team office, situated along the world�s largest swimming pool at San Alfonso del Mar.

As a side note, this reporter does not endorse leg-breakage, or any associated surgeries.

-Wolfe Steinburgenhauser

Wolfe Steinburgenhauser is a BAAC team insider and author of such essays as The Repatriation of The Sudan and What I Did For Spring Break