Greens Win as Dalesandro Hits the Century Mark   Subscribe via RSS

07/24/2008 12:00 AM :

BAAC Headquarters -

For any player to hit 100 goals for one club is a very special achievement. Any club in the world would cream for such goal-scoring prowess and loyalty from an individual player. On Tuesday night, with the very first kick of the ball, Sonny Dalesandro hit the century mark for Boston Avenue Athletic Club. And the celebrations that ensued afterwards forced a one hour delay for the match to continue.

As soon as the opening kick-off found the net from the instep of Dalesandro's right foot, a one-man ticker tape parade ensued that baffled the opposition and stunned his fellow teammates. Immediately, Dalesandro passed out New Year's Eve style party favors to everyone on the pitch and even gave the referee two noise makers and a party hat. He took a record of six laps of honor, repeatedly blowing kisses to the trees on the west side of the field. The four women in the stands were initially amused by Dalesandro throwing his jersey to them one at a time, but after the eighth time of doing so, two of them got up and left. Dalesandro's also littered the field with streamers that would endlessly emerge from his underpants as if he were some sort of circus magician. "I've never seen anything like it," noted winger Kyle Cermak. "It was like his ego exploded into a gigantic pile of confetti and a high school pep rally replaced a perfectly good evening of football."

Approximately 60 minutes after the kick-off, the first half reconvened and the Athletics just took charge of the match. A complete team defensive effort was a marked improvement over last week's scare against Fulham's reserves. The offense, though potent throughout the match, was severely unlucky that the scoreline was not larger than the final outcome, with several efforts hitting the post during the run of play. Overall, it was a great team effort to remain at the top of the table.

After the match, Dalesandro was asked about his fantastic individual achievement. "It was a special moment for me that I didn't want to end. I hold this accomplishment in the same vein as Cal Ripken's 2131, Lance Armostrong's Tour de France victories or even Arsenal's 49 games in a row. I have achieved one of the great moments in sports history. You could see it from the looks on my team mates faces during the celebrations. Especially when DP went to the store to get dinner for everybody to hold the squad over until my laps of honor were done. The lads wanted me to have my moment and no dinner time was going to interrupt that."

Hot off the heels of the aformentioned special moment, the biggest match of the club's history arrives next Tuesday. The BAAC Green and the BAAC Yellow finally face off in the most anticipated match of the summer. Stay tuned to the website for continual coverage of the build-up to kick off as play-off implications hang in the balance and longstanding but oft withheld hatred shall rear its ugly head until the match is over. Match-ups all over the pitch shall be analyzed and both squads will give their opinions leading up to the first whistle.