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09/27/2010 5:50 PM : BAAC Headquarters

Boston Avenue Athletic Club Headquarters- "League Assholes" is a fairly difficult position to attain considering everyone the B.A.A.C. faces are pretty much viewed as dickheads from the opening whistle. Shamwow made a stronger case than most last Wednesday.

It's difficult to describe exactly what separates Shamwow from the rest of the teams in the league that is so annoying. Some teams just have a certain swagger. It's the type of swagger where defenders kick people in the head after they've fouled them. That was the reason said defender was "soup-boned" in the face in minute 11. Once Sonny Dalesandro and the head kicking offender were both sent off, the teams played ten-a-side for the remainder of the match. Shamwow were first to strike, when in the 15th minute the opposition's forward got loose and beat A's stand-in/new back-up goalkeeper Justin Christian to tip the scales in favor of Shamwow. At 1-0 the A's took control of the match. After a few near misses, Tommy Kern was taken down for penalty. Brian McCurdy inherited the penalty duties and calmly knotted the score at ones. Just prior to halftime the two teams soccer-brawled (def: fighting without any form of actual striking) again after Ben Fell was headlock tackled from behind.

Halftime 1-1

The second half consisted solely of one thing...Shamwow's ginger headed goalkeeper making awkward and thoroughly unnecessary kick saves. He recorded 11 saves. Stupid. Even stupider was that Shamwow seemingly stuck the dagger in the heart of the Athletic's when they scored against the run of play in the 84th minute. There is one man the A's can go to in times of great desperation and darkness. That man's name is...Greg McKenna. McKenna's historic goal in the state final will never be forgotten and in the 89th minute, down 2-1 to a bunch of total douche bags, "Craig" struck again. Shamwow failed to clear a corner and Craiggy on the spot made them pay dearly. 2-2. Game over.

The A's face off against their little brothers when they play the B.A.A.C. reserves Sunday, who will undoubtedly kick the shit out of a good way

Starting Lineup

Jus. Christian

J. Knipfer

B. Aycock

R. Harrison

T. Kern

K. Drouillard

B. Fell

B. McCurdy

J. McKenzie

S. Dalesandro

G. McKenna

Game Subs
J. Ganus
P. Johnson
A. Kern

Man of the Match
Brian McCurdy (1)

BAAC Goals
B. McCurdy(1) at 39 Minutes
G. McKenna(1) at 89 Minutes (B. McCurdy)

BAAC Goalie Stats
Goalie Minutes Played Saves Goals Allowed W-L-T
J. Christian 90 5 2 TIE

BAAC Cards
Yellows Reds
None S. Dalesandro

Other Results
Home Score Away Score