What Should Have Been 15....Was Only 5   Subscribe via RSS

10/12/2008 12:00 AM :

Boston Avenue Athletic Club Headquarters- The Athletic's continued their winning ways Sunday, but one can't help but think...Why was the end result 5-0 when it could've been 15-0? Answer: Really shitty forwarding.

The A's missed a total of 9 one on one's with the oppositions goalkeeper. The bad news was that Dalesandro and Ganus's finishing was diabolical, the good news is that it didn't really matter. A brace by B.A.A.C. Captain Ben Fell and a spectacular effort by A's forward Mikey Hawkins was all the cushion the Athletic's needed to retake their place atop the league tables. The opposition had a bloke that made dolphin noises and another who called a time-out during the match, so the end result of the match was never in question.

Socktoberfest is next weekend and the A's will look to defend their title whilst attempting to endure 5 games in 2 days. The only real guarentee is that they will all be "keg drunk" following the event.