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03/18/2008 12:00 AM :

Due to the enormous popularity of last week's new segment on the website, we continue with "BAAC Teammates" latest installment. This week Athletics' left back and perenial ladies man David Pennington weighs in with his views on why butt hops make a BAAC legend and how one player's talent would cause opera singers to die...

Best Trainer and Why?

Jordan McKenzie. He is always in tip-top shape. I haven't seen anyone be so hung over and play so hard for ten minutes at a time.

Worst Trainer and Why?

I think the rest of the team. We have all said we need to get back into shape every season, however we never, ever train.


Eamon Henson. How quick he gets of his goal line is simply mesmerizing.

Who dishes out all the nicknames?

Ben "Bing Falls" Fell. Ten minutes with Ben and it is guaranteed that you will not walk out known by the same name you walked in with.

Biggest Moaner?


Who is the hard man of the squad?

Dr. Tommy Kern and Dustin "Precipous Dunkston" Crane.

Most intelligent member of the squad?

Well, Tommy since he is in medicine... duh! On the field? Hmmmm... Probably Ganus or Sonny.

Least intelligent?

Man, I am just not going to call someone out like that.

Worst dress sense and why?

I think that most of the team has issues with dress. They all tend to say its "just their style," but we all know it is crap. Fedoras only look good on girls anyways.

Best dancer?

Justin Moreland. The butt hop is legendary.

Best singer?

I guess Kyle nabs this one, since he was in a band. But, they were only some sort of heavy metal outfit, so I am sure he just screamed all the time. If that's singing, then Pavoratti is rolling over in his grave right now.

Most likely to pull the ladies?