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07/24/2008 12:00 AM :

Cermak Cermak skips past a 37-year old whilst his entire team looks on

BAAC Headquarters -

Next Tuesday's BAAC Derby marks the first time that two BAAC squads will face each other in a competitive match. The newborn rivalry will be history in the making as both squads have fired verbal missiles in each other's directions throughout the summer campaign. In our first series of previews leading up to the match, BAAC Green winger Kyle Cermak gives us his take on the upcoming derby and what is on the line with this historic final game of the regular season.

So, what are you expecting from the upcoming derby? There is a lot of buzz surrounding this match right now.

"It is an exciting proposition to play in a derby like this. Every year, the lads look forward to matches like this, and the supporters should be very excited to see us take each other on. And, being that this is the first time in our club's history that a match like this has taken place, it is a very big game. I think there will be some interesting match-ups all over the pitch."

So, what match-ups are you looking forward to during the run of play?

"Well, the first one that jumps out at me is Josh Knipfer and Sonny Dalesandro. These two have long awaited to face each other on the pitch, so I will be very interested to see who comes out the victor in that battle. I am absolutely convinced that one of them may kill each other with a trident hidden somewherre in the Jenks soccer complex. Ryan Harrison and Jason Rogers also will be a interesting battle. Harrison used to run Rogers ragged in the youth set-ups, so there is some history there. Ben Fell and Tommy Kern are both tough tackling midfielders, so I expect so physical play there as well. Really, all over the place there will be good footballers facing each other."

Is there anyone you are particularly interested in facing? Anyone that you are really worried about?

"Greg McKenna and Dustin Crane always work hard and seem to get on the score sheet for the yellows. Greg is a strong player that can go forward and score goals. Dustin is a work horse that will run the opposition ragged. So, if I get in a head-to-head situation with either of them, I know I have my work cut out for me. I am just looking forward to a good physical game that will test who wants these three points more."

But, you didn't really state anyone that you are looking forward to facing. These answers are pretty tame, Kyle!

"You think so? I figured I would just give out standard answers to your questions so as not to upset any of the yellows before game time."

Well, that's kind of the puss way out. Everyone knows they are a sensitive lot, but the fans want some blood and thunder.

"I know that the supporters will be in full voice come next Tuesday. And we will give them plenty to cheer about. As far as who I look forward to facing... Well, that moment will come in the match. I have something special planned for a particular member of their squad, and it should be fairly easy for me to pull it off. There is a little bit of a revenge factor behind it for me, so we will see the outcome. I am well up for this derby. I just hope the yellows are as prepared as they think they are."

So, there you have it, folks. Cermak perfecting the art of saying something without saying anything at all. Part II of our big derby preview will showcase tomorrow with a member of the BAAC Yellow team giving their preview of the big BAAC Derby game next Tuesday. Stay tuned.