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03/30/2010 1:27 AM : BAAC Headquarters
SOCOS VS Boston Avenue Athletic Club

Boston Avenue Athletic Club Headquarters-  On April 22, 2007 DTU handed the B.A.A.C. the most lopsided defeat in the rivalry's well-documented history when they dumped the A's 5-0. Sunday the favor was returned.

The Athletic's took the bull by the horns from the opening whistle and on 8 minutes had the lead. DTU's free kick was confidently corralled by Henson whose pinpoint punt (try saying that 10 times fast) was flicked wide to a streaking Andy Kern, Kern took one touch and put Paul Johnson in one on one, the quality of Johnson's right footed finish surprised everyone, most of all Paul Johnson. One-nil to the good. Five minutes later, Dalesandro doubled the lead and notched his fourth tally of the campaign. Then came the "feel good" story of the season. After being on the rack injured for almost a year, A's skipper Ben Fell made his long awaited return. Having been on the field for less than five minutes Fell took a pass in the box from Travis Foust and proceeded to smash the ball into the bottom left corner. Fell's resounding finish completed his comeback and dashed DTU's hopes all in one swing of his surgically repaired right peg.

Halftime 3-0

The second half was more of the same. Here are some facts: Greg McKenna cleared a ball high into a tree that hung above the field and did not go out for a throw in...which was funny. Travis Foust continued to squander premium chances. Sonny Dalesandro joined him. Patrick Ryan deserved a goal or two, didn't happen. The A's back four remained impenetrable, posting shutout number 3 in as many matches (knock on wood). The ever so sexy Dr. Brian Macha scored his first goal of the season. Tommy Kern shouted "Tommy's ball" at the top of lungs 9 times, winning the ball 4 of those times. McFeely fouled people at tactially opportune/inopportune times...as usual. And finally, Ben Fell subbed on for Patrick Ryan, took one touch, and smashed in his second of the game. It was a beautiful day that ended in a beautiful way. Poetic.

In a post match interview, DTU's Lawrecnce Dill hinted at their club's despair when asked about the recent run of results versus B.A.A.C..

"There's no one team that we hate losing to more...or simply hate"

DTU's last victory came in the now infamous 5-0 thrashing on...wait for it...APRIL 22, 2007. AWESOME!

Take that. Dicks.

Starting Lineup

Eam. Henson

J. Knipfer

G. McKenna

R. Harrison

T. Kern

P. Johnson

M. McFeely

P. Ryan

A. Kern

T. Foust

S. Dalesandro

Game Subs
B. Aycock
J. Christian
K. Coleman
B. Fell
J. Ganus
B. Macha
J. McKenzie
D. Pennington

Man of the Match
Ben Fell (1)

BAAC Goals
P. Johnson(1) at 8 Minutes (A. Kern)
S. Dalesandro(4) at 17 Minutes
B. Fell(1) at 35 Minutes (T. Foust)
B. Macha(1) at 71 Minutes (T. Foust)
B. Fell(2) at 85 Minutes (M. McFeely)

BAAC Goalie Stats
Goalie Minutes Played Saves Goals Allowed W-L-T
E. Henson 45 3 0 WIN
K. Coleman 45 1 0 None

BAAC Cards
Yellows Reds
None None